Download our Free Hypnotic Feminization Mp3's & the Action Guide


Here you can freely download a number of our hypnotic feminization resources. We have given you access to –

  • Hypnotizability Test ( Mp3)
  • Learning to relax (Mp3)
  • Meet your Inner Woman (Mp3)

All of our audio files have been produced in mp3 format, a format that the vast majority of computers will be able to play back, as well as many other devices. The reading material has also been produced in pdf format, which is the standard format for e-books.

It is a good idea to follow the listed sequence before making use of the mp3 files –

  • Download all files
  • Read the Action Guide thoroughly
  • Make sure that you have master hypnotic relaxation
  • Print off all of the inductions so that they can easily be read
  • Listen to the Self-Hypnosis template a number of times
  • Make use of the inductions in conjunction with the templates
  • Keep coming back to my site – there is most definitely tools that will help you

Once all of this is done you should be ready to download the mp3 files. All that you need to do is to enter your name and valid email address in the box below. This will then transport you to the links necessary to download the mp3 files.